The business plan for the BeFund project – ready for reading

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It’s been like 10 days since I last updated my research blog and someone could think I had some time out. Well, yes and no. Yes, I stayed away from blogging. No, I did not remain idle. I have been writing that business plan for my BeFund project. I have finished by now, and I am back to blogging. You can find, in the library of my blog, both the English version of the business plan, and the French one. I am currently rewriting the whole thing in Polish, still the concept is mature enough to be disseminated.

I am sharing with you some observations as for the very process of business planning that I have been, and still am going through. This is the educational side of my blog. I teach my students how to prepare a business plan, and it can be useful to describe my actual experience in this respect.

First, the timeline, which has followed some kind of accelerating pace of work. I started with some six weeks of more or less informal a sniffing around the topic, kind of making myself familiar with my own idea. It was just about putting together any business concept proper for the environment of smart cities. Then, by the end of February, I finally knew what I want: a behavioural, experimental lab coupled with an investment fund for startups. The next two weeks or so had been devoted to coining up like pieces of the whole concept. Here some benchmarking for the lab, there some benchmarking for the investment fund, here some research about the market of startups, there some methodological planning for the fund etc. Finally, last Monday, I felt so full of separate ideas that it was either going full power and finally writing that business plan, or writing poems and joining the cavalry, as Lord Byron recommended, in the same time.

I went for the business plan. I can’t ride on horseback (I mean, never have learnt the thing, maybe I could come to like it), and my rhyme tends to be sort of awkward. One week, and it is basically done. Now, I am progressively disseminating the business plan, and expect to engage into some kind of productive negotiations about it. A really wild idea comes to my mind: “Could I come up with a business plan for any concept in a similar time frame, i.e. around 3 months?”. Interesting. Maybe I will try. Any suggestions of any business ideas?

In the process of writing the business plan itself, so over the last 10 days, the part which made me sweat the most was probably the financial plan. There is that strange little something in finance: when I need to translate my ideas into a sequence of events measurable with financial aggregates, my thinking changes. I have to form equations, either fully consciously or somewhere in the backstage of what I call thinking. Structures form, step by step, and this is really a living proof that algebra reflects some deep patterns in our brain. Structures form, and it kicks my ass to hatch them.

The interesting introspection about this step is that it is made of two steps, as a matter of fact. At first, I have like one possible, financial path in my mind. “It has to go the way I think it has to go”, sort of. Then, whatifs start popping up. “What if I take like this fixed cost and I upgrade it by €100 000? What if some actions fail, just sort of statistically?”. They are tenacious those whatifs. They keep drilling my mind until I satisfy them, i.e. until I use financial values to express a coherent logic, not a uniform vision. My whatifs are precious, too. They force me to review each major point of my business concept. Stands to reason: if there is to be any logic in my numbers, it must the same logic all across the business plan.

Anyway, the business plan is ready, still warm. I invite you to read it, possibly to comment on it.

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