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I am giving you a book I wrote some time ago, entitled ‘Capitalism And Political Power’. The content of this book compile some 4 years of research devoted to fiscal policy, and more exactly to one central finding: the government’s fiscal stance is strongly correlated with the political system in place. In other words, similar macroeconomic conditions, experienced in different political systems, yield clearly different fiscal outcomes. That pattern is particularly visible when the political system is being studied in terms of the number of distinct players in that system, and when the fiscal stance of the government is being apprehended as aggregates rather than flows. Expressed simply, this correlation indicates that the more distinct players are there in the political system, the more liquid, financial assets are being retained in the public sector.

This basic correlation inspires to investigate its underlying mechanism, namely the way that the public sector can retain capital, as well as the outcomes of such retention. In other words, we are talking about the connection between capitalism and political power. Probably one of the most striking features of the modern capitalism is a growing accumulation of fixed assets in the global economy, accompanied by decreasing velocity of money. Capital in the global economy displays a growing tendency to coagulating, rather than to flowing. At the junction of capitalism and political systems, another trend is visible: after having reached a peak in the 1970s and 1980s, the share of public expenditures in the fixed capital stock, at the global scale, is systematically decreasing. Political systems, at least at the level of their officially disclosed fiscal flows, seem to be withdrawing from capitalistic processes. Going one step further, we delve into the properly spoken political systems, which also display, at the global scale, quite a coherent tendency to standardize on the basis of a few known constitutional patterns, and to simplify, through reducing the number of political players.

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