Dear Fanatics

Dear Fanatics,

I have tried hard to stay away from commenting on current events. Still, it starts being scary. Where I am writing from, i.e. from Central Europe, we know that song by heart: leftist anarchists start ‘remodelling the society’, then far-right anarchists start doing the same, only in the reverse direction. The next thing you know, we have concentration camps.

Dear Fanatics. You are concerned about slavery. Fantastic. Go to Libya or to Mauritania and try to convince one of the local slave traders, who are thriving, not to do what they do. You will be lucky if they kill you quickly and on the spot. They might be tempted to have some fun before you expire. Stop using your phone and, as a matter of fact, stop using most of your electronics. By using them, you exploit the proceeds of child slave labour in cobalt mines in Africa. Stop wearing clothes made by child slaves in Bangladesh.

Slavery still exists in the world, and even thrives. Slavery had existed since the beginnings of human history. The Western culture of white people is the first culture in known history, which has officially, institutionally banned slavery. The United States of America are the first country ever to have done it. Other horrible, white-dominated countries followed. The heritage of Western culture is that of successfully abolishing slavery, not of slavery as such. The fate of black slaves in America was horrible, yes, and yet, in the same time, those black slaves were the first known population of slaves ever, since human civilization started, who had been massively liberated.

Dear Fanatics. Please, remember that human history is more than 300 years back. The culture that we have now is the first human culture ever to openly, institutionally guarantee human rights, including personal freedom. When you destroy statues, you destroy artefacts that document the path we followed up to that point. You want to destroy the souvenirs of slavery, like really? Go to Egypt and destroy pyramids: they were built by slaves. Destroy the Roman Colosseum: made by slaves, as well.

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