The Business Planning Calculator

I am giving you an MS Excel file entitled ‘Business Planning Calculator’. This is a computational tool for the basic financial calculations you need to do when preparing a business plan.

This worksheet is meant to be a quick calculator for building a relatively simple business plan. Each individual spreadsheet contains built-in formulas. I try to mark them with comment boxes, arrows etc. Try to understand the logic in those formulae and feel free to duplicate or modify them. Just stick to that good, old habit of saving the basic template and bring modifications as newer versions of the file.

Besides the front worksheet, with a short foreword, you have 8 separate sheets in the ‘Business Planning Calculator

  1. Products, pricing and margins
  2. Customers and sales
  3. FIXED Assets
  4. Circulating capital
  5. Income statement and indicators
  6. Break-even-point
  7. Balance sheet
  8. Cash flow

Those worksheets connect to each other. It is wise to pay attention to those connections, which appear as built-in formulae.

In each worksheet you have two sides: on the left, you have a blank structure of formulas, to fill with your own numbers, and on the right, you have a numerical example with fictional numbers. Numerical examples in consecutive worksheets connect in the same way that the blank structures do, just to show you the general logic of this tool.

This Business Planning Calculator assumes basic proficiency with Excel, mostly with formulae and functions.

Have fun! When you will be using this spreadsheet for presentations, please quote the source, as : Discover Social Sciences – a scientific blog by Krzysztof Wasniewski.

Important notice for the download of the file!

As you will click the link below, to download the Business Planning Calculator, your system will probably download it as a ‘View Only’ file. If this is the case, you will see that ‘View Only’ attribute in brackets, as a suffix by the name of the file. You can save the file, then, as a regular, fully editable file on your drive, simply under a different name. Some versions of Excel can save it under a default name of ‘Copy of Business Planning Calculator’, but you can set the filename as you wish.  

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Here is the link to click in order to download the Business Planning Calculator


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