My most fundamental piece of theory

I am returning, for a while, to what seems to be my most fundamental piece of theory, which I developed in my article ‘Settlement by Energy – Can Renewable Energies Sustain Our Civilisation?’. I take on studying two specific cases: United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia. They are two very different social environments. Read more at , or at

A few more insights about collective intelligence

After a bit of a break in blogging, I’m back. I am giving the account of two latest pieces of research I did in the field. I got really surprising results. When I use a neural network to simulate collective intelligence, some economic theories tend to fall apart. I am starting to sketch my research on the collective response of our society to climate change. Read more at

The collective of individual humans being any good at being smart

I return to the topic of collective intelligence, a path of research dear to my heart. I have just been approached by a publisher, with a kind invitation to submit the proposal for a book on that topic. I am passing in review my research, and the available literature. Read more at

The traps of evolutionary metaphysics

One more step on the path of revising my article: I do what I love doing, namely I do things in reverse order. I write the structure of my revised paper from the end towards the beginning, that is from conclusions back to theoretical assumptions. Read more at

The games we play with what has no brains at all

I am trying to wrap my mind around the current events, and, almost inevitably, I go towards philosophizing. I have come to ca crazy idea: COVID-19 has a long chain of RNA, and that chain is sufficiently long to give that tiny piece of non-quite-alive a collective intelligence. Read more at

Deux intelligences alternatives

J’applique un réseau neuronal de plus en plus élaboré à l’étude de l’efficience énergétique. J’en suis arrivé au point où je peux dire en toute confiance : si nous imposons à une structure intelligente des conditions logiques différentes, elle va se développer dans des directions complètement différentes. Au-delà de ma recherche sur l’énergie, je me pose de plus en plus souvent des questions fondamentales. Si nous changeons les assomptions logiques de notre civilisation, où est-ce que ça peut nous mener ? Lisez plus sur

Bloody hard to make a strategy

In my investment decisions, I have come to that special spot, when the official accounting of the first real losses incurred has become discouraging. On the path of learning, it is the moment of saying something like ‘No way I give up now!’, and just push myself forward. Read more at

What can be wanted only at the collective level

I am entering a phase in my work, when I need to combine science writing with preparing new online content for the new academic year of teaching. This update is a good illustration thereof: a little bit of science and a little bit of teaching ideas. Read more at

The perfectly dumb, smart social structure

I am experimenting with an artificial neural network, in order to give some depth to my thinking about the emergence of new social roles in cities, and about the role of cities as cradles for new social roles. I simulate the behaviour of a social structure in the presence of an external disturbance, e.g. rapid technological change, pandemic etc. Besides the easily predictable, alternative scenarios of social change, two really surprising observations emerge out of that experiment. Firstly, when social cohesion looses up, some social roles tend to disappear, but they kick back into existence shortly after. Secondly, and more generally, social roles do not really disappear under the impact of external stressors: they rather go dormant and can come back. Read more at